Visiting Bloombergs London Headquarters for CodeCon Finals

Algorithms, Competitions, Java, Pictures. Posted January 30, 2016. 196 words.

This week I had the pleasure of competing in the CodeCon Grand finals at Bloombergs London headquarters. While unfortunately I didn’t do that well, visiting the headquarters and exploring London was great fun. I didn’t take any pictures inside the event, I thought I would share a few photos taken on during my trip.

The day after the competition, I left the hotel and set of through the city. The Museum of London was nearby, so I checked it out. While there it started raining and a rainbow appeared.

Then, a quick walk lead me to St. Pauls.

While, crossing the Millennium Bridge I took two panoramas of the Thames. Unfortunately the day was overcast, and so the pictures are rather gray.

Finally ending my trip inside the Tate Modern where I saw Abraham Cruzvillegas Empty Lot filling the Turbine room.

Finally, it was time to return home, heading back to Waterloo I boarded a train to Southampton. My day was over.