The Southampton Code Dojo

Competitions. Posted October 12, 2017. 189 words.

The Southampton Code Dojo is a monthly event where keen computer science students meet, eat pizza, group up, and make things for a bit over an hour. At the start of the session ideas are proposed and voted on. Then, teams form typically on programming language choice, and everyone gets too work. At the end of the session, each team demonstrates. I have been attending for a while now, I love it. Click here to for more information. Hope to see you there!

Below is a list of some of the previous things I have worked on. Please note, that often after the session I polish the creation, and tweak it too my liking.

  • Let it Burn! - Using your flamethrower, wrack up points and burn the forest down.
  • Firework Simulator - Light up the sky with a fireworks display by dragging your finger or cursor across the screen.
  • Tetris - A quick and simple game of Tetris, however you cannot rotate pieces.
  • Colours - Enter a colour code, get a nice name.
  • Miscellaneous Others.